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Photo credit Misty Lyn

Samantha Cooper’s voice is a gentle force. Her songs speak for their sound; from contemplative respites to danceable PSA’s. A veteran session musician, her voice and violin appear on over sixty albums. Sam has played in many ensembles from touring bands to old time string bands like her Great Grandpa Orlie once did. 

She is the vocalist for The Lasso‘s “The Sound Of Lasso” album via Mello Music Group and the astral jazz project Cosmique Hypnotique. She also co-produces Hearth & Hymn, “Hearth & Hymn” (2013) and “Lullaby Bangers” (2019) via Earthwork Music. Previous releases include “Voyager” (2014) by Maraj and “Right Hands Round” (2014) by The Bowhunter Stringband. Sam is finishing her first solo album with support from the Kalamazoo Arts Council. She works as a freelance musician and a trauma-informed facilitator for Lost Voices, The Gift Of Music and The Adventure Centre.

New Single: “Snowsuit” by Samantha Cooper 
is now streaming on all platforms.

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